Saturday, November 4th


09:00 AM


Breakfast and coffee provided. Sign up for Junk Battle during Lunch

09:30 AM

Doors Open

The Ahmanson Auditorium open for all guests to seat

Session One

10:00 AM

Event Introduction

A word from the organizers

10:10 AM

Bruce Heavin

Co-Founder of Lynda.com, ArtCenter Board of Trustees

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10:30 AM

Shirin Hashem

Fashion Consultant and Special Events Producer

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10:50 AM

Sara Ortloff Khoury

Director of User Experience Design at Google

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11:10 AM

Akuyoe Graham

Awardwinning Playwright, Actor, and Educator

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11:35 AM – 12:30 PM

Lunch Break

11:35 AM

Junk Battle

In partnership with Junk Lab, guests will upcycle furniture with ArtCenter’s waste stream.

Session Two

12:35 PM

TED Video

An official, pre-recorded TED Talk will be featured

12:55 PM

Word from Fred Fehlau

A quick message from our provost at ArtCenter

01:00 PM

Alan Castel

Professor of Psychology at UCLA

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01:20 PM

Tracy Drain

Systems Engineer at JPL

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01:40 PM

Mary Sue Milliken

Chef, Restraunteur, Author, TV Personality

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02:00 PM

AB Cassidy

Comedian, Writer, and Actor

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02:30 PM – 03:30 PM


Enjoy a chat with everyone else around you. Snacks provided

Session Three

03:35 PM

TED Video

An official, pre-recorded TED Talk will be featured

03:55 PM

Jasmine Henderson

Professional Soccer Player, World Record Holder, Motivational Speaker, and Author

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04:15 PM

Noah Minuskin

Tattoo Artist, Business Owner, ArtCenter Illustration Alum

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04:35 PM

Story Musgrave

Astronaut, Physician, Scientist, Teacher, Mentor, and much more

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04:55 PM

Charlie Hodges

Professional Dancer; Product Design Student at ArtCenter

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05:15 PM

Closing Remarks


05:30 PM – 8:00 PM


Small bites and alcohol will be provided

05:30 PM

Live Performance: Ready Player Two

Featuring Jericho Law, London Pearson, Jean Lee, and David Lee

06:30 PM

Live Performance: One Step Closer

Featuring Miky Tayoba and Estefania Padilla